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Katjan's Dream Corner
Katjan's Dream Corner
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Hi... Let me introduce myself,

Tom is the name..., the oldest in my family, 16 feline years old.

Thomas O’Mally Van Impe – Van Gyseghem our mommy always calls me,

She must think I am pedigree...

Well ... where do I start...

I once had a brother, a red tomcat named Sam, but I never knew him,

He died in an accident while he was still young.

Our mommy could not imagine her life without cats,

So she adopted Kitty and me after Sam’s death.

Well ...Mommy and dad wanted 2, so we would keep each other company

When they were at work

Our Kitty was a little fox face; mommy loved watching little fox face,

But Kitty was still a daddy’s girl.

My sis Kitty died recently, she was the same age as me.

11 years ago we moved into our new home, where we still live.

We hadn’t lived there long, before a tiny little black kitten sat whining at our doorstep,

Our mommy was won over and the kitten moved in with us in no time at all.

We called her Molly.

But then...

That’s where it all started... Pff.....

Mommy and dad actually adopted a dog...a dog I tell you.

This...this is your new brother; they said when they arrived home with the dog.

His name is Sam.

Well... I thought; he’s no bigger then I am, that’s all right, I’ll be able to handle him,

But he grew bigger and bigger...Pff.

‘That really stirred up the house, it was wild at times, but he was a true cat friend.

Then mommy turned 40...

Dad had the bright idea to surprise our mommy and make her dream come true.

Dad and some relatives and friends bought a Maine Coon tomcat together.

That sent the ball rolling.

They got to know two wonderful people, Eric and Pierre of La Caverne des Lynx,

It was them that helped dad in his search for El Manolo, my new brother.

Meanwhile yet another cat arrived... our Emina.

Pff...’It’s like having a party all the time; as long as they’ll let me have my catnap.

And that’s not all... a Cattery... a very own Site.

Well, busy, but I am still glad I am allowed to see it all

Come to pass in my old age.

Mommy Kathleen and Daddy Jan like to dream....

And making their dreams come true… that’s why,

Katjan’s Dream Corner

Big paw


15 August 2009

Tom regretfully passed away after a long illness on 21/09/2009